Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Digital Photography-Do it Right the First Time

Doing it Right The First Time

Shooting photographs seems like it got easier since the advent of digital photography and Photoshop.
In the past when using film, every detail, every piece of dust, every product had to be perfect. Commercial photography was incredibly exacting and photographers were highly respected for their creativity and craftsmanship. You had to be on top of your game to make a living in this highly exacting and competitive field. You were as good as your last assignment.

Now with Photoshop, so-called photographer can make some of the worst mistakes without having to worry about looking foolish. Photoshop will fix it! Many clients think that all you have to do is buy an 8-megapixil camera and they can shoot professional quality photographs. On an amateur level they are correct, but on a professional level it’s a laugh. The camera never made the photographer. A professional photographer is a highly trained sophisticated artist. There was a saying from one of my instructors at Art Center, Charlie Potts: “Every Form, Every Line, Every Texture Must make a statement “. Not only does an exceptional photo make a statement, but it also needs to be graphically exciting.

Lighting, composition and of course concept has a great deal to with what makes a great photograph. These are elements in a professional photo that Photoshop can maybe enhance but can’t create. Many photographers rely so much on Photoshop to make their images rather than create it in the original. Clients really don’t know what they are getting until the photo artist finishes the creation in Photoshop.

If ever you want to see a knowledgeable art direct sweat just say to him these 8 infamous words “ Don’t Worry I Can Fix It In Photoshop “....

Dave Siegel
Siegel Photographic

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